#21 – Building Numbers
Adopted March 1989
All buildings in the Town to display a street number issued by the
Building Inspector and displayed in the following manner:
a. Arabic numerals only, a minimum of three (3) inches high and one
half inch (1/2) in width.
b. The number to be displayed at the side of, or above front door if
readily visible from the street, or on a sign or marker at street end of
driveway or walk leading to the building.
c. If the end of the building faces the street, the number to be displayed
on the corner adjacent to the front door and readily visible from the
d. For buildings set back from the street or obscured in any way, the
number to be displayed on a sign or marker at the street end of the
driveway or walk leading to the building.
e. All apartments, cabins, and other dwelling units are to have on site
numbering system, said number to be displayed on or near entrance to
each unit.
Penalty for failure to display:
First offense: Written warning with thirty (30) days to correct.
Second offense: Violation and may be fined as provided under RSA
31:39 (supplement).


The Importance of having your house number posted

Locating you quickly in your time of EMERGENCY without delay is our goal.  When a Concord NH E-911 Telecommunicator receives an emergency call.  Then sends it to Rockingham County Dispatch for any emergency whether it is Fire, EMS (Emergency Medical Services), Law Enforcement to your residence in your time of need, having your address posted clearly and visibly allows them to find you much quicker. 

Below are some images of the right numbers to use