Harbor Rd Water main work


on Friday the 18th we will be doing the final stage to the water main by capping the old main off

so houses 146,148,150,156 please have your cars out by 7am it should only be to about 12 pm.

also to everyone the water will be off at 9am and should be back on by 12pm.

Just a reminder to everyone we will be fine grading the road to get ready for pavement on Monday 21st it helps and would make it quicker if we could have minimal traffic as to much traffic tears up everything we do

Tuesday the 22nd as of now(weather permitting) is pave day unfortunately once paving starts

no one can drive in or out not even the mules so you will have to park down by the bridge

also walking will be tough going as you will have to walk on the sides of the road from house 130 to house 156 sorry for the inconvenience that day